Year Plans for 2016 -2017

Information about the new National Curriculum

All long term plans are flexible and may change during the year. In addition some of the planning will come into effect in 2015/16 so children are not repeating the same units in different year groups, i.e. year 4 children will not study the Romans again.

Staff may choose to alter when things are done, however these are the current long term plans that are in place.



Year plan for Year 1

Year plan for Year 2

Year plan for Year 3

Year plan for Year 4

Year plan for Year 5

Year plan for Year 6



Key Changes for Maths and English

English Key Changes

Maths Key Changes

Detailed maths information



Children needing support - Intervention mapped out

Intervention map for Reception and Key Stage 1

Intervention map for Years 3 and 4

Intervention map for Years 5 and 6



Objectives and assessment:

New curriculum English Writing Objectives

New curriculum Reading Objectives



Termly detailed curriculum information sheets will continue to be produced and are available from each of the class pages.

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