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Mrs. E. Bown - Headteacher; Strategic Leader for English as an Additional Language; School Self Evaluation; Quality assurance; Performance management

N. Brown (5B) - Year 5 teacher and Design Technology leader

Mrs. J. Casper (1J/C) - Students and PGCE co-ordinator

Mrs S. Caulfield (2C) - Music co-ordinator, Key Stage 1 Phase Leader(TLR), Child protection

Mrs S. Cawthorne (1C) - Art and Design co-ordinator

Mrs. C. Decker (R1) - Early Years leader and Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs. G. Dudley (6DH) - Deputy Head teacher; Assessment Co-ordinator; Continuous Professional Development; Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator; Performance Management; Special Education Needs

Mrs J. Ellis (2E/F) - Geography co-ordinator

Mrs C. Ford (3FW) - Science co-ordinator

Mrs. N. Ford (2E/F) - History co-ordinator

Mr. P. Hadfield (6DH) - Assistant Head teacher; ICT and Maths and Upper Key Stage 2 leader

Miss J. Hill (3H) - PHSE Co-ordinator

Miss K. Jury (6J) - Physical education and sports co-ordinator

Mrs. D. Lilley (4L) - Student mentor initial teacher training KS2; English co-ordinator; Lower Key Stage 2 leader; Interventions Officer

Mrs. K. Loveday (R2) - English as an additional language (EAL

Miss S. Riyat (Year 1) Music and Arts

Miss K. Saul (5S) - RE Co-ordinator

Miss F. Stacey (4S) Educational Visits co-ordinator

Mrs. L. Williams (3FW) - Higher Level Teaching Assistants manager

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