The School Council

The School Council 2016 - 2017

The School Council is a Wigton Moor School tradition.

It is composed of representatives from all classes.

How can you become a School Council member?

If you want to become a School Council member you have to present a manifesto to the rest of the class. This will tell the class why they should vote for you! After the voting is over there is one representative from each class, except year 6 where there are two representatives from each class.



The School Council is, not in any order:

2C Milly; 2EF Siya; 3H Aran; 3FW Mariam; 4L Kiran; 4S Ayla; 5B Mollie; 5S Scarlett; 6DH Keira and Stanley; 6J Roshan and Zainab




School Council met the school cook and senior lunchtime supervisor

Miss Catton (school cook) and Mrs Rhodes (senior lunchtime supervisor) came to our school council meeting on 23rd March 2017.

Each class in school completed a whole class survey to find out what we all thought about our school lunches and our experiences in the hall at lunchtime.

Today we fed back the results to Miss Catton and Mrs Rhodes and we all discussed how we could improve lunches, which foods we most liked and disliked and how we could improve lunchtimes in the hall overall.

We look forward to quicker queue times, food menus in classrooms and more space to sit in both KS1 and KS2 halls. These are just a few things we can fix quickly.

Look out for more information coming about new menu choices and removal of food we really don't like.

Thank you Miss Catton and Mrs Rhodes for coming to visit us.



School Council meets a school governor



What does the School Council do?

The School Council meets regularly. Everyone in school is informed as the meeting minutes are read out. A proper agenda is written before each meeting by one of the School Council members.

What does it do when it meets?

The School Council discuss matters brought up by members of each class. They also put forward ideas which they feel will improve the school. They vote for ideas which they feel should be carried forward. Sometimes ideas may be turned down by the Head teacher, for example if the school couldn't afford it, or if there were too many non uniform days or bun sales!!!


The school council have rewritten our child friendly anti-bullying policy. The council have met to discuss what needs to be included in the policy and how they want it presented. The children came up with some excellent ideas and had a good discussion around the wording of it and the best symbols to use.

We are a Bully Free Zone!

See photos of our assembly and see our Anti Bully Zone poster



Our next fundraising project is going to be for The Donkey Sanctuary in Leeds.

They offer donkey assisted therapy to hundreds of local school children with additional needs and are a very worthwhile charity. We are going to make some biscuits to sell and raise money for them.

Have a look on their website if you would like to find out more about what they do.

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