Photos from 2016 - 2017

JULY 2017

100% Ice Cream Parlour

Mathletics assembly

Year 6 Design Technology project photos

Year 6 at The Forbidden Corner

VIDEO: Reception - French Day

PHOTOS: Reception - French Day photos

VIDEO: 2C sing in French

2C French Day photos

Yes! Even more Key Stage 2 sports photos

More Key Stage 2 sports photos

Key Stage 2 competitive sports

Reception 1 make sandwiches with Warburtons

Reception 2 make sandwiches with Warburtons

Billy No Buzz - Year 2 performance photos

Music Awards

4S Green Day

4S French Café and market

Green Council litter pick

4L litter survey

5B make a water filter

5B Shadwell geography field visit

5B art day

5B 3D maths shapes and volume

5B at Yorkshire Water

4L visit Meanwood Valley Farm

Year 5 tennis finalists

1JC visit The Deep in Hull

1C visit The Deep in Hull

1R visit The Deep in Hull

Wigton Moor visit West Burton School in North Yorkshire

4S visit Meanwood Valley Farm

4S Author visit

4S Author talks

4L author visit

4S visit Wigton Moor Church


JUNE 2017

4S One World Week

4L visit Wigton Moor Church

Year 6 design technology project

Yorkhire cycling tour comes to Wigton Moor

ONE WORLD - 1C and 1JC


2EF Father's Day art

2C Father's Day art

Reception 2 class at Cannon Hall Farm

Reception 1 class at Cannon Hall Farm

1R making jam sandwiches

1C making jam sandwiches

2EF science photos

Year 6 art for Martin House

Year 2 researchers

2C detectives

2EF at Fairburn Ings

2C at Fairburn Ings


MAY 2017

e-safety assembly for Reception and Key Stage 1

4S at Headingley cricket ground

e-safety assembly photos

2C explorers - cooks

2C explorers - mapping

2C explorers - artists

3H at Stump Cross Caverns

3FW at Stump Cross Caverns

6DH make bread

Year 6 make bread

3H gardening

3FW gardening

2EF explorers

4S music workshop

4S cricket coaching

4L music workshop

4S in the Outside Classroom


APRIL 2017

2C Researchers unit

4L cricket coaching

4S develop their atlas skills

4L maths - using the 4 operators

4L science - classification


MARCH 2017

Year 5 Robinwood blog

1R beebots

1JC Beebots

1C Beebots

VIDEO: Reception 2 go on a lion hunt

VIDEO: Reception 1 go on a lion hunt

2C make woollen pom poms

Year 4 make Easter cards

Year 6 PE photos

Reception celebrate Red Nose Day

Reception 2 PE - hoops

Reception 1 PE - hoops

2EF Happy Mother's Day art

2C Happy Mother's Day art

3FW Red Nose Day

2EF Red Nose Day

4S Red Nose Day photos

2C Red Nose Day photos

2EF plant seeds

2C with 3D shapes

Year 6 grammar fun

School Council meet our school cook and lunctime supervisor

Years 4 and 5 tennis

Year 6 artists at work!

Year 6 use bus timetables for maths

1R Dinosaur Day

1JC Dinosaur Day

1C Dinosaur Day

Year 6 investigate parallel circuits

Year 4 make RE posters

Year 4 Equality Day

Year 6 hockey kit

Equality Day

Year 4 World Book Day celebrations

2C World Book Day costumes, writing and art

6DH World Book Day favourite books

Year 3 World Book Day characters




2EF Katie Morag art

Year 4 Pancake Day

4S investigate solids, liquids and gases

4S retell Romulus and Remus

VIDEO: 4L Romulus and Remus

4L The Science of Sound

4L Respect

Year 1 enjoy a Jewish assembly

1R make porridge

1JC make porridge

1C make porridge

Reception 2 Teddy Bears' Picnic

Reception 1 Teddy Bears' Picnic


PHOTOS: 4S Science of sound

VIDEO: 4S Science of sound

4S instruments workshop

Warburtons bake with Reception 2

Warburtons bake with Reception 1

Reception learn about Judaism - and do some designing too!

3F art - using pastels

West Burton children join Year 4

4S Roman numerals workshop

6J PE - dance!




2C are scientists!

1C castles and shields

Year 6 investigate yeast

Year 5 basketball

Year 3 stone age and bronze age day

4S shape activities

Year 1 castle building and art

4L Romans Day workshop

Year 6 Mayan Day

Reception celebrate Chinese New Year

School Council meets a school governor

PHOTOS: Year 4 Romans Day

VIDEO - Year 4 Romans Day

VIDEO - 4S reading poetry

VIDEO - 4L reading poetry

2C program Beebots

6J construct globes of the Earth

Reception 2 Christmas party photos

Reception 1 Christmas party photos

2C Christmas party photos

3FW making sandwiches (November photos - missed publication)



Year 4 Wii dance party

Year 4 Christmas party

More STEM science activities

2C art - Arcimboldo

6J writing ouside - it's a mystery!



3H make sandwiches

Year 3 at Shadwell Lane Synagogue

2C at Thackray Museum

4L gymnastics

Year 2 Great Fire of London Day

6J maths problems

6DH - Loo roll history

2C Remembrance art


4S make electric circuits

Year 6 PGL Team 5

3FW Drama Day

Year 6 PGL - more photos



Year 4 re-enact the Rosa Parks incident

Year 6 Outdoor and Adventurous Activity

Class 3F at Roundhay Park

Congratulations to Mrs. Rhodes

Happy birthday to Mrs. Stoker from Year 4

Year 4 STEM photos (October 11th)

A letter from the Queen

6J mummification

6DH making fake blood

6J activities photos

4S meet D:side - the effects of alcohol

2C make healthy snacks

1R fruit tasting

1JC fruit tasting

1C fruit tasting




Reception 2 settle in

Reception 2 ROALD DAHL DAY

Reception 1 ROALD DAHL DAY

Reception 1 settle in

Eureka visit - 1R photos

Eureka visit - 1C photos

Eureka visit - 1JC photos


ROALD DAHL DAY - 1R photos

ROALD DAHL DAY - 1C photos

6J investigate blood

ROALD DAHL DAY - Key Stage 2

4S scone tasting

Year 5 and the visiting plantarium

First Year 6 football tournament


4S perform Rama and Sita

4L perform Rama and Sita

Year 4 science workshop at Allerton Grange

2C take photographs as part of their computing studies

Opening of the new building and refurbishment

Year 4 STEM at Allerton Grange

4S on the school bus

4S maths problem solving activities

4S schools councils nominations

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