Homework for Year 6

Date: Monday 12th June 2017

Attached is a document containing some key dates for Year 6. Please note that pupils and parents are contacted directly regarding High School transition. If you have information that differs from the dates in this document please assume yours in correct and let Mr Hadfield or Miss Jury know.

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Guide to Year 6 Project

During the final few weeks of your time at Wigton Moor Primary School you have one final 'learning log' style homework left to complete.

"HOMEWORK!" We hear you cry.

Yes, sadly we have to give you homework. When you start high school in September you will undoubtedly find the volume and quantity of homework a challenge. Many of the homeworks you will be given will mirror this project. So give it your all and do your best!


You can choose at least one of the following ideas:

1. Create a guide to the general election - An ideal challenge for the politically minded.


Some years it's a World Cup, an Olympics or a sporting event (like the Tour De France) but this year the 'national event' is the June the 8th general election. Lots of this year's Year 6 pupils seem really interested in politics so we thought why not encourage them to find out about the key issues? Pupils could write about the key principles of the 'left' and 'right' wings of British politics. Pupils could find out about the countries party leaders. Why not create an information booklet of how an election is won? Donald Trump has certainly caught the imagination of pupils.

Why not compare his parties views to that of the Conservatives or the Labour Party. If Donald was running for Prime Minister, which party would he lead?


2. Create a guide for how to survive PGL.

(You can still access all the photographs and descriptive entries on the Blog - why not include these in your guide?)

It won't be long until the current Year 5's set off for their residential - but what do they need to know? What are the top tips you could give other pupils about the week? Is there any item of kit you couldn't live without? How can you get sleep if your room mate is a snorer? How can you escape the freezing waters of the rafting lake? What do you do if you feel homesick?


3. Create a guide all about SATs week.

(Why not include links for SATs papers and which ones you should practise)

SATs week is probably the one week of any students Year 6 year that they worry about most. What can you tell them about the week? How do you keep calm? Where do people sit and what can you remember about the week? What are your tops tips? What did you do the night/week before?


4. Create a guide all about the Year 6 staff.

(We will expect you to use humour here, and of course you can poke a bit of fun at us, but remember - don't cross the line)

You know all the Year 6 staff better than any other pupil in school. What can anyone do if Miss Jury is hungry? What really gets on Mr Hadfield's nerves? Who is the funniest teacher? How do you survive the year without EVER being told off?



We only expect you to complete one of the above guides but obviously if you do more than one you are more likely to be a prize winner. It is up to you to choose how you present your guide. Will it be handwritten or completed on the computer? Will you present it in your homework book, on paper or electronically? It's up to you.

The project is due in on the 5th July - this is almost the last week of term.

Deadline: Wednesday 5th July

Prizes: For the best creations

This window will close itself in 6 minutes.