Homework for Year 2

Date: 29th June 2017




Practise and discuss reading book everyday. Please write the titles of the books in the reading record book and sign it to say that the children have read. We will not be able to change the children's books if this is not done.



See spellings in homework book.

Practise spellings for a test on

Mondays in 2EF

Fridays in 2C



Please do 20 minutes

Lexia really helps children with their reading and spelling.



Please do at least 20 minutes

Mathletics will help support children with their maths in school and to practise key skills.



2C and 2EF


Learn songs for the concert

Practise "Caterpillar Bye Bye" on the recorder without the music for the concert.

Practise "Kites" and "Gliding"

Bring your recorder to school every day until after the concert.


Thankyou for your support.

This window will close itself in 6 minutes.