The Green Council

A photo of the Green Council 2016 - 2017


The Green Council 2016 - 2017

The Council - not in any particular order ...

Carys, Oscar, Jenna, Simarjot, Aarush, Zac, Joshua, Mouaid, Matthew and Nathanael


What is the aim of the Green Council?

The aim of Green Council is to try and make the school as environmentally friendly and as healthy as we can. There is a display in the main entrance to show who the Green Councillors are. This way, children know who they can go to if they would like something to be addressed in a Green Council meeting. We meet every month to discuss any ideas brought to us from classes and to continue with our existing projects. Green Council is supported by Mrs Lee.


What does Green Council do?

Green council are responsible for checking that lights have been switched off in classrooms, projectors are not left on when not being used and that the correct bins are being used and paper is being recycled.



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