The Equality Council 2016 - 2017



The Equality Council 2016 -2017

Not in any order: 3FW Alice; 3H Lexi; 4L Kaleb; 4S Anaya; 5S Tom; 5B Ria; 6J Aroush and Eloise; 6DH Ruby and Emily

Summary of Activity and Achievements 2016

How are members chosen?

Members of the Equality Council volunteer, and if there are more than two volunteers there is a class vote. Members in Year 5 remain on the Council when they move into year 6 to act as role models to new members. Two further council members are voted on in Year 6. A Chair, vice chair and secretary are voted in each year within the council.

What is the purpose of the Equality Council?

The Equality Council helps to encourage everyone to appreciate our similarities and differences. Members will step in if there are any problems, with support from other members of the Council and staff.

The Council also organizes and take part in events to support anti-racism and to prevent possible 'hate' incidents against a range of groups such as those with disabilities, religion, heritage, homophobia or gender discrimination.

What events have the Equality Council been involved in?

In 2015/16 the Equality Council continues to fund raise for Plan Liberia, supporting a child in poverty. A donation jar stands in the entrance for any loose change or donations. The Council Members reminded pupils in assembly of the importance of this charity.

The council have initiated a project to 'show' Equality Tickets to anyone who needs reminding about the importance of our principles. Each class invented their own ticket with appropriate messages on and were introduced to the idea by members of the Equality Council doing a presentation within class. Further ideas are to take an assembly to promote equality.

The Equality Council often lead discussions and presentations when we have special days learning about different religions and cultures.

The Council consider any racist or prejudice incidents that have happened in school and discuss what they can do to help avoid these in future.

The badge

The colour of the badge of the Equality Council is red ... linked to the "Show Racism The Red Card" campaign.

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