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JULY 2017

Yes! Even more Key Stage 2 sports photos

More Key Stage 2 sports photos

Key Stage 2 competitive sports

4S Green Day

4S French Café and market

4L litter survey

4L visit Meanwood Valley Farm

4S visit Meanwood Valley Farm

4S Author visit

4S Author talks

4L author visit



JUNE 2017

4L - One World Week photo


MAY 2017

4S at Headingley cricket ground

4S music workshop

4S cricket coaching

4L music workshop

4S in the Outside Classroom


APRIL 2017

4S develop their atlas skills

4L maths - using the 4 operators

4L science - classification


MARCH 2017

Year 4 make Easter cards

4S Red Nose Day

4L Red Nose Day photo

Years 4 and 5 tennis

Year 4 make RE posters

Year 4 Equality Day

Year 4 World Book Day celebrations



Year 4 Pancake Day

4S investigate solids, liquids and gases

4S retell Romulus and Remus

VIDEO: 4L Romulus and Remus

4L The Science of Sound

4L Respect

PHOTOS: 4S Science of sound

VIDEO: 4S Science of sound

4S instruments workshop

West Burton children join Year 4

4S Roman numerals workshop



4S shape activities

Class 4L Romans Day workshop

PHOTOS: Year 4 Romans Day

VIDEO - Year 4 Romans Day

VIDEO - 4S reading poetry

VIDEO - 4L reading poetry



Year 4 Wii dance party

Year 4 Christmas party



4L gymnastics

4S make electric circuits



Year 4 re-enact the Rosa Parks incident

Happy birthday to Mrs. Stoker from Year 4

Year 4 STEM photos (October 11th)

4S meet D:side - the effects of alcohol



4S scone tasting

4S perform Rama and Sita

4L perform Rama and Sita

Year 4 science workshop at Allerton Grange

Year 4 STEM at Allerton Grange

4S on the school bus

4S maths problem solving activities

4S schools councils nominations

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